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 The work world is in the midst of the greatest paradigm shift of all time. Burnout is no longer the formula for success. And through yoga, meditation and self-care, it is possible to thrive in mind, body and soul. This is your space for life change through connection with other women and taking bold action to improve our well-being and world.


Being successful can look glamorous on the outside when, in reality, the pressure to hold it all together can cost us our physical and mental health. 

A New Era of Well-being

In 2020, mom and daughter team, Jessica and Sophia, launched Wellness Wanderers as a way to share the world, wonder and well-being with others. It’s evolved a lot since then. 

We are women business leaders, change-makers, influencers and industry executives from doctors to creatives, CEOs to holistic healers, called together to shift old paradigms of stress, burnout and perfectionism.

In the realm of wellness, we believe that self-care does not need to be more hard work but, instead, can be luxurious while also effective when combining ancient Eastern wisdom with modern wellness methods and technology. 




My first taste of well-being was while in college in the early 1990’s, practicing yoga with Jane Fonda videos. But it wasn’t until my second year of teaching English in a small town in China, in 1996, that I began a consistent daily well-being routine of waking up at 5am to go for a quick jog and an hour of Tai Chi in the square followed by a half hour of meditation before heading to work. The experience of wellness, clarity and confidence was life-changing and led me to study Eastern philosophy and become a doctor of Chinese Medicine by 2004. 


Becoming a mom was also life-changing. With the health issues of my second-born that kept me up all night long for many years, I struggled with post-partum depression. I had a story in my mind that I should be able to handle everything on my own so I gave and gave without a second thought about asking for help or my own self-care. Gone was any semblance of a wellness routine.  

The breaking point for me was when I was climbing the stairs in our house and had to sit down half-way up from sheer exhaustion. I was only in my thirties and knew something had to change! I needed to focus on my self-care and get support. I slowly recovered my health and by 2012 I was homeschooling my two daughters and treating patients part-time at my own clinic in New York. But I was still trying to do it all and, once again, found myself burnt out.


It took me some time to figure out how to put wellness back into my life. By including self-care, my effectiveness in work and presence in relationships has improved immensely. 

My journey through all of this has led me to this point where I’ve taken my 20 years of experience in the wellness field and joined forces with my daughter to create classes and retreats that empower women around the world in living a life feeling well and full of wonder; where they not only achieve great things but personally thrive.




I first began practicing yoga and meditation with my mom as a little kid during the long cold winters in Alaska. I remember thinking how much fun it was and, even at that age, I loved challenging myself to improve each time. As I got older, I stopped doing yoga and didn’t focus on any athletic activities. I remember feeling sad when I couldn’t do cartwheels or do stunts on the monkey bars like the other kids. It wasn’t until my high school years that I tried yoga again and realized how much better I felt from the flowing movement and calming meditative stillness of lying in savasana at the end. 

I have always been very goal-oriented by nature. And, being a perfectionist, I was hard on myself and had low self-esteem. I would often feel anxious that I wasn’t doing enough or trying hard enough to accomplish something. This changed for me when I started attending early-morning hot yoga classes. And I became even more aware of how empowering it was to feel good in my body and mind. 


I started new habits of waking up before the sunrise to stretch, meditate and journal. Through these lifestyle changes, I was able to get out of my head and see limitless possibility instead of being stressed by a situation. Because of this, my passion for yoga and wellness grew and, at just 14 years old, I traveled to Costa Rica to attend my first yoga teacher training. 


After many trainings and receiving my 500 Hr. Yoga Teacher Certification from India, I have held classes online and person in more then 20 countries. Teaming up with my mom to create Wellness Wanderers. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this practice. 


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91% of people who support their well-being say they are more motivated to achieve their best work

There is a 26% decrease in the chance of depression for each 15 minutes of movement or yoga

The latest studies show that meditation is able to improve anxiety and stress levels by 60%