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Yoga Travels in Nosara, Costa Rica

Almost a year ago we made a big leap and decided to take our first trip as a family to another country, Costa Rica. It was an amazing experience and something we will never forget! Once we experienced a little of what it was like traveling abroad, it was hard not to want more! So when I came across a flyer for an up coming Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Nosara, Costa Rica it seemed like the perfect opportunity to travel again and the perfect combination of two things I love: yoga and travel. One thing lead to another and now, a year later, my mom and I are both kids yoga teachers and have launched our YouTube channel: Aim For Bs.

More info on one of my favorite places in Costa Rica: Nosara.

The town of Nosara sits right on the ocean with lots of sandy beach and many stores filled with hand made artistic items! Its the California of Costa Rica, with a family-health-yoga-surf vibe.

The Bodhi Tree yoga resort:

I was so happy and couldn’t believe I was able to stay at the Bodhi Tree Resort, let alone travel back to Nosara, Costa Rica to learn to teach kids yoga. It was truly amazing. The Bodhi offers many yoga and pilates classes each day. They also have an amazing restaurant, Cascada, which serves healthy dishes and delicious treats, where many a time I bought some amazing Costa Rican chocolate. All the rooms are surrounded by nature. And where I stayed, the shower had no ceiling and you could look up into the trees and see birds or the occasional monkey. They also had an outdoor dinning area and a gym that overlooked the forest. And from some of the shalas (meaning rooms for yoga practice), you are able to see the ocean and look over the trees which, in the early morning, are filled with howler monkeys. Between attending the yoga classes (and eating chocolate), I would spend time at the long, winding infinity pool. The Bodhi Tree is such a great place for anyone who loves yoga and traveling or for someone who wants to vacation in a beautiful, natural setting with healthy choices.

Favorite Healthy Places to Eat in Nosara:

Nosara Organics Store:

An amazing shop in the center of town with all sorts of easy ready to go delicious food!

Luv Burger

Is a very popular restaurant in both Playa Samara and Nosara. They have GF and vegan.

Robin’s Cafe

This café is more then a café it offers ice cream and full meals. There are plenty of GF desserts and food.

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