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Why Making a Vision Board is the Key to Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolution.

Why Making a Vision Board is the Key to Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolution.

Coming up to the new year, our motivation to turn over a new chapter in our life is strong and we often begin to reflect on what we enjoyed about this past year and what we can let go of to reach our goals and become the best version of ourselves. 

This is where resolutions come in. Resolutions are a way to easily set our intention, make a statement and reach our goal for the next year. Right?..

But is this really the best way to reach our full potential in the new year? Does it actually help us create new habits or end old ones? And, if so, then why can it be so challenging to follow through and stick to our resolution?

They say a dream without a plan is just a wish. Similarly, a resolution without a clear vision or accountability is the same.

A resolution is a specific goal with an intention. And a vision board takes our intentions for the new year to a deeper level by allowing us the possibility of seeing what we may not even know we want. This process is a way to tap into our intuition and realize a hope, a yearning or an area of interest we may not have thought about or put into words yet.

Traditional vs. digital vision boards. 

When it comes to creating your vision board for the new year. There are two main choices on how to proceed. The first is the traditional way, gathering up old magazines, grabbing some scissors and glue and getting to work. But, as it’s almost 2023 and we live in a very digital world, we can now easily create a very unique vision board using our laptop or phone. 

Though both ways work, and we can use either one to create a powerful vision for the new year, they are very different experiences. 

Digital vision boards: 

Creating a digital version of your vision for the year ahead can be done by using Pinterest or Google to search for a keyword or phrase. Then we can save it by taking a screenshot of any images that resonate with us. In this way, it’s more specific to our conscious interests. However, the images we choose are somewhat less based on the feelings behind a certain image and more about the words we chose to search with.  

To avoid getting too specific, try to use general search terms like “well-being practices” instead of “morning journaling” or “travel inspiration” instead of “trips to Mexico.” Then you can pay attention to your feeling response to the images as a way to guide you to what resonates.

A plus about using a phone or laptop is that we can easily save the vision board we create as our wallpaper on our device. Then each time we go on our technology, we are reminded of our intention for the year. Personally, I’ve found myself in the process of opening up my phone to scroll when I happen to see my vision board and am reminded of my resolution to get outside and spend more time in nature. 

Using Canva is a great way to put together your digital vision board.

Magazine vision boards:

When we use magazines or newspaper clippings to create our vision board, it can be a great way to connect with our intuition and bring a sense of serendipity to the process through the pictures we stumble upon and connect with. It’s also fun when creating vision boards in a group as you can pass the magazines around the table and share and delight in each other’s findings. 

If you have old magazines laying around the house, this is a great way to repurpose them! Making a physical vision board means you can also put it up on the wall, fridge or even where you practice yoga or meditate, so you can see it daily. 

Just use glue to paste the picture or words onto a “board.” Using an open file folder works well for this. 🙂

Now it’s time to sort through your vision board images. 

Once you have collected a bunch of images, digitally or as cut outs, take a final look through and make your final selections, keeping the following questions in mind.

  • Does this make me feel excited? 
  • Do these images resonate with the change I want to see in the New Year?
  • Am I choosing this based on this past year or the progress and dreams for the next one?
  • Do I feel motivated to take action when I see this picture?

And, of course, it can also be best to just go off of a feeling that the picture evokes. Sometimes, it’s the visions we have trouble putting into words that are the most powerful.

Here is a quick list of emotions that can come up while going through this process.

Signs you’re on the right path.

Choosing an image based on:

– A sense of joy.

– Expansion.

– Feeling in touch with our inner child.

– Playfulness, fun or excitement.

– An impactful or life-changing context. 

– Movement towards your goals.

Vision board red flags.

Choosing an image based on:

– Staying within our comfort zone.

– A past belief or thought pattern that is no longer serving us.

– Fear of failure.

– Frustration with the current situation. 

If any of these come up, take a moment to stand-up, move your body, step outside for some air or change where or how you’re sitting. Once you start again, try choosing something that feels outside your comfort zone even if it makes you nervous to add it to our vision board. 

Organize a vision board gathering. 

Bring together a group of friends or family, grab a mug of hot cocoa and create a vision board party! Not only is making vision boards together a fun and engaging way to connect but you can also keep each other accountable by checking in with one another throughout the year. 

When we bring together a group to make vision boards, we all put together our final version and then go around and share what it represents for us in the new year or why particular images resonated with us. Saying it out loud right after creating the vision board can help us to really hold on to the meaning we had in creating it.  

Should I create my vision board before or after making my new year’s resolutions? 

Whether you make your vision board before or after your resolution is really up to you! If you’re creating a physical vision board, you can write your resolutions on the back of it. Or, for the digital version, create a second page to type out your resolutions. 

If you create your resolutions afterwards, it can be helpful to take some time looking over and reflecting or meditating and writing about the images to get clarity on your resolutions for the New Year. Or you  could create a vision board based on your prewritten resolutions for the year ahead. 

Turning your vision into reality. 

Once the vision board is complete, a nice follow-up, either right after or the next day, could be to meditate or journal about what you have envisioned. When we have done this together as a family, there is often a lot of chatting and festive snacking as we work on creating our boards all the way up until midnight of New Year’s Eve. So, anyone’s meditation or journaling usually happens the next day.

Turn this article into action. 

Here are some quick steps to take right now. 

1. Choose between a digital or 

physical board and collect the necessary materials.

2. Reach out to friends or family and create a small gathering (optional – if you prefer, you can create more private space for reflection by yourself)

3. Set a “vision board date” on your calendar to keep yourself accountable. 

If you feel like, this year, the manifestation of your resolutions could use an extra boost in inspiration, creation, fun and commitment, simply take these 3 steps to having a running leap with a powerful vision board for the New Year! May you create a year and a life that you love.

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