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Wisdom of a Tree Meditation

Meditation on how to overcome fear! This 15 minute guided meditation journey is about embodying the experience of a TREE with the power of nature, especially with love and support that a whole forest of trees provides, to tap into our innate wisdom and find the strength we need to follow our personal truth through times of change and in a world where the message of fear and divisiveness is so prevalent.

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To get the the most out of this guided meditation, we recommend that you:

– Find a quiet place where you can sit or lie down comfortably and undisturbed.

– Place a Do Not Disturb sign on the door to let others know to avoid any interruptions.

– Use headphones for a better listening experience.

– Have a journal next to you for stabilizing insights from the meditation and allowing for further reflection afterwards.

– Have a glass of water or tea next to you to drink after the meditation. Make yourself comfortable and let’s begin this guided meditation.


Beginning and ending clips are excerpts from the Maidla Nature Resort video:…


Poem that inspired the meditation:

Tree Blessing by Stephanie Sorrell May you be like a tree whose roots quarry deep Into the Earth’s wisdom, So that your mind is filled with vision and inspiration. May you grow strong like a tree knowing your growth, However slow and painful, is not just for yourself But for this lovely planet. May you pause like the tree to feel the gentle winds of Heaven upon you, And the heart of the Creator warm and golden within you. May you be wise as the tree that taps the center of its being for truth, So that amidst every storm that shakes your roots, You will know that all is well. Within your still center, may you know the magic Of love that opens all doors and heals all pain. May you always be strong and firm and beautiful as a tree.