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Togetherness In A Crazy Time

Last weekend we were playing tennis as a family and there was a family playing tennis in the court next to us. Later, when they left the court, the mom said goodbye to us and with a warm smile said “family togetherness.”

When we were at the park with our dogs the other day, there were so many people out enjoying nature together. And from a distance, we had some nice exchanges with people. One was an elderly man who spoke of how he was a physics teacher for many years. And another mom and her two kids walking their dog stopped to talk about dogs. There were smiles shared from a distance with many folks that conveyed togetherness as well. On a national and global level too, we are experiencing a sense of togetherness as we face this pandemic that is without borders.

At the park, my daughter noted that it seems now people want to get out in nature more because it is one of the only places to go outside of our homes to hang out. This can grow a an appreciation for time outdoors and nature, creating a sense of togetherness with Mother Earth and all of her creatures. My girls climbed a tree at the park. It was a big old beautiful tree. Trees are precious. All life is precious.

If we were to look for what might be the silver lining in all of this, it would be “togetherness.” It is a rare opportunity for families to have time to connect with each other both at home and from a distance because we have the time. And thanks to technology, we are able to connect face to face with friends and family both near and far, locally and globally via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

Let’s make the most of this time to connect with and support each other.

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