What is a WELLNESS ELEMENT quiz?

Through the lens of your element, (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), you can recognize your authentic personality and have permission to be yourself and choose the wellbeing practice that works for YOU.

From this assessment, you will receive tailored wellbeing rituals for when you are in or out of balance so you can optimize your wellness routine so that you can thrive in life and lead through your work.

Everyone is unique and requires a wellbeing practice that is just as individual! The first step towards creating a vibrant, joyful life is to understand your core nature and make the choices that resonate with and support your energy. 

Self-Mastery over Knowledge-Mastery

Once you have the tools to fully
understand your strengths
and challenges on
a deeper level...

you can go on to
master ANY skill,
task or goal, in life or
work, with ease and grace.

How empowering would it be to know which wellness tools, out of the thousands of practices and methods, will have the most impact for YOU?

Is there a particular form of exercise, yoga or meditation that you don’t enjoy but force yourself to do anyway because it was recommended? 

Or maybe you’ve tried the latest wellness trend hoping to feel energized and like a better version of yourself but instead you ended up in the same place, burned-out and frustrated with the lack of progress?

In this wellness personality assessment, you will be supported in discovering new ways of wellbeing that you love and look forward to so that staying consistent is easy.

In this quiz, through understanding your element, you will not only learn to love yourself but also how to create growth and transformation in your life.

Wellbeing is a lot harder when you go against your core nature.

Our bodies and minds don't have the same responses to things.

What works for one doesn't work for all. 

Learn from the Ancient Chinese Archetypes...

While the 5 Elements originated over 3,000 years ago in China, what makes it popular, now in the 21st century, is how simple and insightful it is as both a personality type system and a wellness system.  

When your primary element is out of balance, you are able to see how you’re holding yourself back and can pull on the qualities of other elements to push through your comfort-zone and find the transformation you desire. 

What if you discover your nature is water so you flow through your days and don’t easily stick to a set time for your yoga practice? And what if you find out that you have the most energy for working-out in the wee-hours or maybe late at night!.. Because that’s when your element is the most active! 

PS. We would love to hear from you! Once you take the quiz, tag us, share your results and use the hashtag #wellement 

Recognize your core nature within and live from a place of authenticity!