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Starting the Day off Right

When you want to have the energy to make the most of every day (which, I imagine, all of us do) it is important to pay attention to how you start your day. This applies to your physical diet as well as your mental diet.

Regarding food, this means making your first meal nourishing and stabilizing. A lot of carbs (yes, even oatmeal – especially, if you add sugar or fruit on top) and processed foods (bye-bye cereal, even the organic, whole grain versions), sugars and caffeine will put you on an unstable blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day. Your energy will go up and down and you will have to spend so much mental energy resisting carb/sugar cravings or, worse, giving in to them just to get another short burst of energy to keep going, only to crash again.

Its not enough that stress takes a toll on your adrenals but the blood sugar roller coaster also depletes them, leaving you more exhausted overall in the long run. And it becomes a vicious cycle. Consider having some version of protein, fat and fiber for your first meal to start you off with stable and sustained energy. For us, this often means eating a lunch or dinner-like meal. What did we have this morning? Grilled chicken cut up on a salad with sprouts, artichoke hearts, heart of palms, cucumbers, feta cheese and balsamic dressing on top. YUM! So delicious. I felt light, clear-headed and energized after eating this.

In contrast, I had a salad with sardines the other day. That left me feeling great! But, because we were on the road and it was being asked for as a fun snack, I followed up with some grain-free peanut butter filled pretzels and instantly had a ton of phlegm filling up my head and sinuses. Luckily, I used the energy healing tools from my Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ practice to drain the phlegm, calm inflammation and heal the passageways. And after an hour of drainage, it passed.

In the past, I might have been more worried about how bad I might continue to feel and guilty for the fun snack I just had. Instead, I felt calm

and confident that I could help this pass quickly without any issues. I got to marvel at how my body took care of the phlegm, draining it out of my sinuses quickly and efficiently. And I got to feel happy and empowered about being able to have a fun snack and know that I can handle any food reactions. Not everyone experiences this reaction, of course. I am especially sensitive to certain foods since I have had a history of leaky gut and candida as well as mold exposure – peanuts are often a source of mold.

As a side note, you may have noticed that I said “first meal of the day” and not, necessarily, “breakfast.” This is because I have found that, at my age, I don’t always feel hungry first thing in the morning. It takes

time for my digestive system to warm up and to feel hungry.

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