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Mangos and Mountains in Monteverde

Monteverde, Costa Rica, what a beautiful place! The day we arrived in Monteverde we had been driving almost all day! All the way from the coast where we had been for the past month in Playa Samara where it had been in the 90s almost every day. The trip was quite long and at one point we stopped to get some mangos which, to our dismay, were not ripe yet.

Our excitement rose as we got closer and could see the mountains in the distance. What an amazing sight! Driving up into those mountains on gravel was another matter. The car continued to bump up and down for the next few hours. When we finally turned onto a paved road, we all let out a sigh. We had arrived! The air was cool, and the breeze was beautiful.

Over the next few days, we visited some the main attractions in the area. Our favorite experience was visiting the Ficus tree. It was amazing. They offer expensive tours where you can climb different trees but visiting this one tree was free. Getting there was an adventure in itself. There were no signs, just some basic directions online from other visitors.  After walking uphill for quite a while we came to a small path off of the dirt road we were on that lead to a small clearing and there it was, an amazing Ficus tree! There were only a few other people there so we were able to get a chance and take our time climbing on the inside of the tree. It was so much fun and totally free!

Also for free, there are enjoyable walks through the rainforest. And, one day we hiked far up one of the mountains. Coming back down from that big climb, we were on the lookout for a delicious, healthy breakfast and after some sleuthing we found it! Orchid Coffee was a cute little restaurant in the middle of town. It had amazing, gluten-free food and was super delicious with lots of variety.

On another day, we visited the Monteverde cheese factory. It was a very educational experience and we learned a lot about the history of the Quakers in that region while having a milkshake from their ice cream shop. Right next door, we also visited an eco-center. And, upon exploring the surrounding woods, we stumbled upon the home of an artist who invited us in to tour her art gallery.

During our time Monteverde, we got to stay at a nice, clean Airbnb which was a short walk from the town. But on the downside, our mangos were eaten by other guests staying at the airbnb. We never got to try Costa Rican Mangos! At least, now we have a good excuse to go back. Traveling through this area of Costa Rica was fun and amazing! Monteverde is such a beautiful place.

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