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Magical Mountains in New Hampshire

One morning, not too long ago, we decided it was time for an adventure! So we hit the road and headed to New Hampshire. We had been to New Hampshire a few years ago when we visited a friend in Concord. Concord’s a very nice town-like city with a main street that’s packed with art stores and yummy eateries. They also have an amazing capital building on the main street with a sparkling gold roof that you can see from almost anywhere in town.

The day there was spent walking up and down the main street, window-shopping and eating at their co-op. This time, we stopped in Concord on our way to the mountains and filmed a yoga video right on the street. It was eight in the morning and the whole town was quiet. After that, we stopped at a yummy breakfast cafe with some delicious gluten-free options before getting back on the road and heading for the mountains.

Wow, the mountains in New Hampshire are amazing. We had no idea this was here and were so surprised as we drove through the amazing landscape. Spring had just arrived and the weather was perfect. Our goal was to climb a mountain. So after looking around, we finally settled on climbing to the top of Bald Mountain. A hike that seemed just the right length and challenge for us as a family. Excited and with extra energy from the months spent inside during quarantine, the four of us started up the mountain. Our two little dogs, Popcorn and Coco Puff, leading the way.

After about half an hour, we started to slow down. And within an hour we came to a stop. It was time to take a rest. How close were we to the top, we wondered as we started up again. The climb was starting to get a little bit steeper.  Along the way, we found an amazing climbing rock and marveled at Popcorns ability to leap to the top. Another chance for a much needed break. How long had it been since we’d last climbed a mountain? A year! Another hour later, we realized with relief that we were nearing the top – the trees started to look more short and gnarly and we could see a clearing up ahead.

Finally at the top, we stepped out onto the rocky ledge and stopped short at the view in front of us, just looking out at the sky and the mountain range in awe. It was vast and beautiful! We were so high we could even see a mountain across from us with a snowy peak. It was fantastic. We all sat out on this rock ledge for at least an hour, just taking in the view of nature all around. Eventually, we reluctantly left, heading back down the mountain to our car and heading home.  What an amazing day hiking up to the top of what seemed like all of New Hampshire and looking out across that vast and beautiful landscape!

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