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Living (for 2 months) in Playa Samara

When we first came to Costa Rica we had plans to travel from place to place, one coast to the next, a few days here, a few days there. But after wandering around, riding in buses, sleeping in very unclean hotels and finding cockroaches in the bed we decided, it was time find a “liveable” place to stay the rest of our trip. That’s when we arrived in Playa Samara. Palm trees, the beautiful ocean and a town with one main street and lots of little shops and places

Playa Samara

to eat. We let out a big sigh of relief and made ourselves at home. The more we stayed in Playa Samara, the more we liked it! One amazing thing about it was the local horses that wander the street and beach. And we often would find them running right by us through the shallow waves.

Another amazing thing in Playa Samara is the Spanish school, Intercultura, located right on the ocean with a beautiful garden and patio area out front. The lessons were held in small classrooms with a/c which was a huge relief from the crazy heat. We learned so much Spanish there, taking field trips through town to practice. They also had a Spanish only rule on the campus which was great because, though we were in a Spanish speaking country, a lot of people in Playa Samara spoke English.

We walked everywhere in Playa Samara. Because it was a small town, a car was totally unnecessary. But, on a couple of occasions, we did rent a golf cart and to get to another nearby beach that had huge waves, Playa Carrillo. As we would speed down the streets past supermarkets and small farms, the wind made the 99 degree day seem more bearable. There was only one thing, this wasn’t a fast golf cart. In fact, quite the opposite, it was an extremely slow one. At least, at this slow pace we were able to spot monkeys more easily along the road. Unfortunately, on the way back from the beach, one of us would have to jump out and push the golf cart up the hills as cars sped around us.

Before traveling to Costa Rica we read many blogs and one of those blogs mentioned not really enjoying the food. We thought they must be very particular because beans, rice and plantains sounded good to us! Well she was right. As much as we love Costa Rica, the food was somewhat bland and repetitive. However, we had to find something yummy and healthy and so we did. We actually cooked most of our own food but here are our favorite food places in Playa Samara:

Luv burger. This place is located right on the beach and has amazing, smoothies, kombucha, breakfast and burgers. It is mostly Gluten Free and totally vegan. Besides having tables on the beach, they offer chairs under a tent close to the water. On our days off from Spanish school, we would get some banana ice cream and spend the day sitting under the tent, enjoying the view and taking dips in the ocean.

Burger Beer. Just like the name says, this place serves burgers and beer. Beef is not considered good quality in Costa Rica but here they make some amazing fancy burgers with delicious toppings and homemade chips! Yum!

Samara Organics. This is an awesome, though pricey, little grocery for anyone trying to find healthier options. They have smoothies, coconut water plus lots of gluten-free products. They also have grassfed/organic meat, dairy and fresh organic veggies, as well as some delicious sugar free ice cream!

There are so many options for staying in Playa Samara. There is something for everyone. Party places, resort places, hostels, family hotels and more. We stayed at Hostel del cactus for most of our trip. It has a beautiful garden and private rooms. They also had a shared kitchen and living/dining room which had a nice table for board games and hanging out.

Playa Samara is an amazing place and we can’t wait to go back to enjoy its pristine beaches, fun shops, safe town and sunny weather.

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