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How Could Acupuncture be Online??

Well, we have been here in Rhode Island a whole year now. It has been almost two years since I closed the Aurora Acupuncture clinic! While I have missed seeing all of my patients at the clinic, there has been a gift in this break from working locally in that it has spurred me to grow an online practice. But doing what??? How could I possibly practice acupuncture, putting needles in people, online?

So, I considered offering functional nutrition services since I have training as a Restorative Wellness Practitioner for using functional lab tests and creating supplement protocols to restore health. I used these skills a little in my clinic and a lot for my family over this past year to help us heal from mold exposure, which included addressing my adrenals and thyroid. This included testing for food sensitivities (the foods that were causing the most inflammation in our bodies at that time) and going on a 4 day rotational diet for 6 – 9 months. (I am happy to say that we are doing great now). The power of food and supplements, especially based on accurate testing to be very targeted and specific! I decided to offer this when we finally settle down somewhere because it is hard to order tests and supplements when traveling from place to place.

I also became a provider of Lifewave patches, aka “AcuPatches” or “AcuLightPatches,” because they reflect your body’s own light for self-healing and are especially effective when used on acupuncture points. I LOVE these and have used them for pain relief, wound healing, PMS, upset stomach, insomnia, detoxing, anxiety, immune boost, energy and mood support. They work great on children and pets too! Let know me if you’d like to know more.

But the thing that I’m most excited to tell you about is that I set out to learn how to do a form of energy acupuncture, called Ray of Light Meridian Therapy, as a way to empower us to heal by holding space individually or in groups with a guided meditation. This involves using the power of imagination and light with acupuncture points and meridians to promote energy flow and healing.

The power of the body to heal itself. When I was learning Qi gong in China back in 1995, one of the teachers told me, “You have to have a good imagination.” The mind-body connection. I recall a time as a child when I took care of a headache by imagining taking it out of my head. It went away immediately. Perhaps you have your own memory of something similar. We lose this natural awareness as we grow up and our culture teaches us to look outside of ourselves for healing.

There is also a spiritual component to this meditation which took me by surprise and is now my favorite part – feeling the support of your spirit team. Its a great way to start the day, knowing that you are supported and tapping into your source of light and love.

I practice this meditation everyday now, either by myself, offering it to others or receiving it. I use parts of it throughout my day. For example, while I was driving and was feeling very tired and my thyroid was aching. I thought for sure I’d have to pull over and rest. But, instead, I used the lights to clear away the fatigue and re-energize. Was I skeptical? Yes! Was I amazed when I suddenly was no longer tired and had all the energy I needed to continue driving? Yes! Even my girls enjoy listening to it at night – they ask for it at bedtime because it is a nice way to go to sleep.

I look forward to sharing more about this as I get closer to the day where I will be offering it!

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