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Camping as a Family, Everything to Know.

Our family loves to camp! There is nothing we enjoy more then being totally surrounded by nature. Being able to spend the entire day exploring the forests, lakes, meadows… and getting to spend time together as a family. Ever since our daughters were 5 years old we would camp in our back yard or go on an adventure taking our tent to new places. When we started having to quarantine, camping seemed like the safest way to travel so that’s what we did. From finding new parks and local campgrounds, revisiting old favorites or taking our tent with us to other states, we had the best time! If you are new to camping as a family, below are our top tips for having an awesome family adventure.

STEP: 1 Finding the perfect spot.

There is plenty of places to camp from resort-like campgrounds to just a clearing in nature on the top a mountain. Before going camping its good to find the prefect spot for your family. Since our daughters are teens now, we tend to go to more remote places than we would have when they were younger. If your tent camping with young kids do you you may not want to have to walk to an outhouse far away in the middle of the night . There are 3 camping options which we will list for you below.

Local, privately owned campgrounds.

This is especially perfect if you are new to camping. Most of these places have plenty of things to do for exploring the natural surroundings but also nicer amenities such as nearby bathrooms, staff there all the time to help with anything and sometimes even a nice playground or pool. Even if you are not new to camping, this is the best for a relaxing weekend trip or if you are on the road and need a place to stay for the night. Cons would be you’ll more likely have lots of neighbors which can make social distancing a little harder and it can be a little noisier. There might not be as much nature as say in a state park but overall this is a great way to start camping and a fun new experience nearby or far away from where you live.

Theses sites usually range from 30 to 50 dollars per night.

To find this type of campsite I recommend going to


When it comes to camping, glamping is always an option. When glamping the pros are that almost everything is done for you. All you need to do is show up at the site. A tent is there, bedding is there, everything is there. Its cozy, its comfy and its definitely stress free. Its a more relaxing vacation. A con might be that you’ve by skipping the fun of setting up a tent, picking a spot, and putting up our own decorations, you will have more time on your hands and need to have more activities planned to do. Also, you won’t have the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that comes with taking on the challenges and learning the skills of the full camping experience. But these sites are usually pretty beautiful and have plenty of nice amenities to make your stay as easy and peaceful as possible.

These sites range from 80 to 200 dollars a night.

To find out more about glamping sites go to Tentrr.

State Park Campground

We are now at our last spot on our camping list: the State Park. There are 10,234 states parks in the U.S, not all of them allow camping but a lot of them do. There is a wide range of campsite options from totally off grid to those very similar to privately owned campgrounds and even some glamping options. Most state parks have a lot of nature which makes for a lot of fun times but you also have to be extra careful, just like anywhere you camp, to put all food away, in case some critters or bigger animals come by. This almost never happens, but its good to be aware. This option can also be a little more rustic but that really depends on where you decide to go. I have to say, this is our favorite way to camp.

They can range from 20 to 100 dollars each night.

To find a state park camp ground go to Reserve America.

STEP 2: Finding a Tent.

Finding a good tent is an interesting topic. And we have had some good and bad experiences. We have come back to our tent to find buckets of water piling up in the corners after a slight drizzle. And other times we have come back to our tent and found it perfectly dry after a crazy thunder storm. It all comes down to this, the number one thing when picking a tent is WATERPROOF. Wish we had learned this earlier. It also doesn’t just mean that they list there tent as waterproof. The best way to find out is by reading the reviews. That aside, picking a tent doesn’t have to be that complicated. You can often find one at a local sporting goods store or online. Sometimes, they’ll have one on clearance and you can get a great deal.

To find a wide selection of tents check out Amazon’s tent inventory.

STEP 3: What to Bring

When camping, you need to be prepared which often means bringing more stuff then you would on other types of trips. Below is the list our list of camping essentials.

  • Bug spray, BUY
  • No chemical – Sun screen. BUY
  • Water Bottle with built in filter (optional), but great for unclean camp water. BUY
  • Mosquito netting (Depending on the season.) BUY
  • Mini camping first aid set BUY
  • Flashlight BUY

These are top camping tips! Hope you learned what you needed. Also, go here to check out some of the amazing benefits camping can have!


Jessica, Tony, Sophia and Anna.

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