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Best 7 Two-Person Yoga Poses for Everyone | Fun Partner Yoga | Acro Yoga for Beginners.

Today we are here in Quito, Ecuador on the middle of the world, literally at the equator. Yoga is usually a solo experience. Whether you join a class or do yoga at home its just you and your mat, that’s what makes two-person yoga so special!

Its a chance to collaborate with someone else and it adds new levels of focus and concentration to your practice. Not only do you have to work with your body to come into the poses but you have to work together to do it. That’s why two person yoga is so beneficial as well as the fact that when working with someone else you can go even further into poses then you could alone.

So find a space, a mat, grab a friend sibling or partner and lets do some yoga!

Doable Straddle Pose

This pose is one we always start off with when warming up for more challenging poses. It really helps to release tension in the hips and the lower back. Practicing this together can make it even easier to do forward folds when practicing regular yoga.

Some things to keep in mind: fold from your hips and not your lower back and imagine bringing your chest all the way to the ground. Make sure to just pull enough to give the other person a deep stretch and check in to make sure its not putting too much of a strain on the hips.

Extended Downward Dog

Time for the downward dog, one of the most common yoga poses but this time with a twist. The first person will be doing downward dog which is an awesome pose for the hamstrings and shoulders as well as for building strength. The second person they will almost be in a half-handstand position.

Once the first person is in downward dog, slowly walk your feet up their back and balance the toes on the hips and keep the wrists under the shoulders.

Stacked Cobra Pose

This is such a fun pose to try. And its really great for flexibility! I definitely recommend that whoever is shorter is the one to do the top cobra as it will be much easier.

Try to keep your wrists under your shoulders to avoid wrist pain. And keep your shoulders pulled away from your ears. Also, remember to keep the head arched back and your gaze behind you.

Diamond Pose

Bridge is a great pose for so many reasons. It increases back flexibility, arm strength and shoulder mobility. Doing the supported leg lift strengthens the muscles in the legs and adds an extra challenge.

First, begin with your bridge pose and line your feet up before you lift off the ground. Then slowly lift your leg up and meet your feet in the center. Hold as long as you can, then lower back down.

Square Pose

This is one of the more challenging poses. Being able to do a handstand will help a lot in this pose but is not necessary. If you are close to getting a handstand this is an easier way to start feeling comfortable stacking your hips above your shoulders.

For this pose, the first person should be on the ground, legs bent and feet planted on the ground. The second person will place there hands on the outside of there feet as the first person takes their feet in hand and lift them above their own head. Checking in is super important because if the hips go to far above the hands the person can flip over on there back. Communication is a key part of partner yoga!

Star Pose

This is the star pose, combining mountain and a straddled headstand. If you are able to do a handstand off of a wall then you will be able to complete this pose. If not, then I would recommend trying it a few times alone first.

To begin this pose, the first person stands with feet together ready to catch the legs of the person going into a headstand. Once they have their legs, they slowly let go as they release into a straddle. Then the first person walks their feet out and bring there hands together above there head creating the star shape!

Airplane Pose

3, 2, 1 lift off! Its time for our final pose. This is such an awesome pose and a great chance to work on balance.

Some things to keep in mind. Make sure you work on feet placement before lifting up. The best spot is right on the hips. Once the feet are lined up, grab on to each other’s hands and lift your feet off the ground.

That’s all for today!

We hope you have lots of fun practicing these two-person yoga poses. For more of a step-by-step instruction of each pose check out our video on YouTube.

Thanks again for joining us and be well!

Family Wellness Wanderers. Jessica, Tony, Sophia and Anna.

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