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Animal Rescue Adventures!

The sound of an opera song drifted through the air. However this was no ordinary singer. This was one of the parrots at the Cost Rica Animal Rescue. Not too long ago, on a tip to Costa Rica, we had the amazing opportunity to live and volunteer there for four days.

As soon as we got there, it was clear how hard everyone worked to take care of and protect these animals, most of whom had been saved from the pet trade. It was wonderful to see all of these animals who wouldn’t be able to return to the wild being able to live in a way that resembled their natural habitat.

We all learned so much in the brief time we spent there and had the opportunity to work with sloths, monkeys, parrots and a porcupine as well as many other types of animals. There aren’t many places where you are able to both learn about and take care of animals up close. It was so much fun when their curious resident raccoons would come greet us as we brought their food.

Even though we were able to see many amazing and special animals that would be hard to see anywhere else, one of our favorites was the sweet deer that lived there. He had been found injured and, after being treated, they concluded he couldn’t have been living in the wild due to his friendliness with humans, so he stayed. We would take special trips to see him and, on one occasion, he licked our hands just like a dog! During our free time, we hung out in the hammock area overlooking tropical trees.

They also had many opportunities to do art and, at one point, we got to decorate one of the bird enclosures. People were visiting there from all around the world and we met a couple people from other places we had visited. Over all, it was an amazing and educational experience! We were very glad we chose to spend time there and are looking forward to going back some day.

Have a beautiful day,

Team B.  

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