We are Wellness Wanderers

We are a mom and daughters run business and yoga and meditation teaching team! We are full-time travelers with a focus on wellness through food and lifestyle, sharing yoga and meditation classes from beautiful and interesting locations around the world. 

We started our adventure in 2020 when we hit the road to start our online business Wellness Wanderers. We had been spending more and more time inside on the screen, feeling unhealthy and unfit. We knew it was time for a life shift.

Now we share our journey with the goal of bringing the world, wonder and wellbeing to others. We help others to create their own version of wellness and a lifestyle that cultivates self-awareness, good energy and a feeling of connectedness with the world through online yoga and meditation classes. 



I have been on the road since I was born which often leaves me wondering what to answer when someone asks me where I’m from. Of the 25 places I’ve visited or lived so far in my near 50 years of life, the countries I’ve lived in longest have been Zambia and Canada (my formative years as a child) and the United States (my teen and adult years). I now hear my girls facing the same challenge when asked where they are from but I think it is a good challenge to have.

I like tea, chocolate, being healthy through good food, yoga, qi gong and being in nature, warmth and sunshine on my shoulders, being with my girls and watching them grow up, reading, meditating and learning new things. And, obviously, I love to travel!

Over the years, I have learned to listen to and trust my heart and inner voice, to embrace diversity and be open to the mystery and the wonder in life. And now, after much learning and many jobs, I am combining all that I am and all the skills that I have to share guided meditation  while coaching people to listen within for clarity, confidence and healing as they travel their own unique paths in life. 

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I have been practicing yoga for as long as I can remember. As a young kid growing up in Alaska, I would do YogaKids DVDs when it was too cold to play outside and as I got older I loved doing yoga more and more. 

Now, many years later, I’m a RYT certified yoga teacher. Yoga is something I take with me everywhere around the world. For me, yoga is a chance to be a part of something bigger and gives me the feeling of speaking a universal language. I love how different cultures practice yoga in different forms and styles but how they all have a similar root. 

Yoga has so many benefits and purposes. As a person who loves challenges, achieving goals and working towards my dreams, yoga is a great way to come into the moment and stop focusing on the future. I love incorporating yoga philosophy strength and flexibility into the classes I teach. I also love to help my students find stillness and patience in their practice. 

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Hi! I’m the fun-lover of the family. I am always on the move, whether it’s playing with my dogs and jumping into the ocean or doing a fast and challenging Vinyasa flow, my favorite way to practice. 

While I love to join in on yoga and meditation, I am also passionate about cooking and baking from scratch and have had some great eating and cooking experiences around the world. Wherever we go, if there is a kitchen, I will be in there, making healthy and delicious food.

I also love fashion and design and figure any occasion can be a time to get dressed up, even when doing yoga and meditation, which is why I design our outfits for the classes we teach online.

I have a gift for attention to  detail which I bring into the classes I teach, working on form and alignment to improve posture, strength and flexibility. And this gift also helps me with taking and editing photos for our social media. 

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