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Injured and Burned-out (a new change in pace)

When you look for yoga on YouTube, you see a lot of flow, workout and power types for flexibility, strength, fitness, etc. and less of the yin, relaxation and even less of the restorative healing types of yoga classes. I have always appreciated yin yoga for improving my flexibility and releasing tension in my body, especially my low back. But I hadn’t explored restorative yoga at all. And, to be honest, it looked a little too still for my daily practice where I preferred to be moving and stretching actively, until….

I injured my psoas. This happened from lugging my suitcase up and down many long flights of stairs on a very long, exhausting day of getting lost on the train system going from the airport to our hotel in Paris. The next day, I experienced back pain like never before, intense and stabbing and deep. But I kept going. We were doing a lot of walking around Paris and it seemed to ease off. I figured my body would be better in no time, like usual.

Not this time.

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With all of the sitting we had been doing lately, between travel and working on our computers for our business, my daughter and I were inspired to do a two-week yoga workout program followed by a yin class. Three days into this morning routine, I woke up unable to get out of bed. I eventually worked my way carefully onto all fours and finally into a standing position. My daughter had to help me put on pants and socks. I had never been immobilized from any pain like this before.

Even then, I kept walking and even hiked up a mountain, albeit slowly. I stopped the workouts and just focused on yin yoga, thinking that would help. But every night, I would toss and turn from the pain and, in the morning, I would have trouble getting out of bed and standing up. Finally, I decided to go see an osteopath who explained that I had an injured psoas and my pelvis was off-balance. And he told me to let it rest and not do any yoga or stretching. One session made a huge difference. I was amazed.

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The very next day, we were on the trains again, lugging suitcases. And we did
a lot of walking and more traveling on trains and planes over the next few weeks. I could tell it wasn’t getting a chance to heal fully because there was a deep aching pain. And while the intensity of it went up and down, it never went back to being as painful or immobilizing as it was before that session with the osteopath.

At last, we ended up in a place to stay for a month and I was able to let my psoas rest and heal. This is when I turned to restorative yoga. You know the expression, when you are ready, the teacher will come. Well, I was ready for restorative yoga. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than lying in supportive poses with big, comfy bolsters to support me. And it wasn’t just my body that needed this kind of support, my whole being was soaking it up. Our travels over the past year, through 10 countries, has been intense and fast.

My routine in the softly lit, quiet mornings was very still but very deep and healing. It was like sending patient, unconditional love and support to my psoas and my soul. Honestly, this was the most meditative and healing experience with yoga that I’ve ever had. It took almost a month of a very still restorative yoga practice before I felt ready to take it to the next stage of a gentle yoga flow for stretching and strengthening my low back. This is where I’m at now and I’m enjoying the process of patiently following what my psoas and soul need for healing.

I am hooked on restorative yoga!

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