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5 Best Places to Visit in Maine! U.S Family Road Trip

Packing to leave for Ecuador, we ended up spending a lot of time indoors trying to fit everything into our backpack and figuring out travel and living arrangements for the first leg of our trip. At about the second week of staying indoors and getting work done, we decided to take a short break. We grabbed an extra pair of clothes and our sleeping bags and hit the road again. In Maine, we were amazed by how much there is to see and do. There were also a few things we wish we knew before the trip, like places to eat gluten free. We had a little bit of a challenge with this at first, but after some time we figured out the best places to go.

Things like this, plus a few other reasons, are why we wanted to put this blog together.

Here are a couple of things we figured out upon arriving in Maine. First, it was early Fall at this point and cold. Our plan had been to car camp with our sleeping bags in the back of our car. When we arrived at the KOA (this is an awesome camping spot right on the water), we found out that car camping is illegal there.

We were on the road again for a last minute search for a tent. As we picked out a great tent at the store (mentioned below), we decided to also grab an extra sleeping bag to keep warm. Were we glad we bought this? YES! That weekend there happened to be a freak cold spell and the night temperatures was in the 30s. I feel like this is kind of obvious, but its good to always be prepared for unexpected changes.

Here is also our Maine travel video!

5 Best Places to Visit in Maine

ONE: Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor. If you enjoy cute towns with lots of stores, great restaurants and lots to do then this is definitely the place for you. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, Bar Harbor was bustling with activity. There was a small park in the center of town with a gazebo, perfect to eat lunch or bring a cup of tea to.

Walking around town is an activity in itself, checking out the quaint shops and listening to live music. On one of our days there, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon a little farmers market at the YMCA parking lot. We ended up buying some delicious homemade maple sugar apples, invented by the woman who owned the stand. Who knew Bar Harbor was a town of inventors? ????

TWO: Jordan Pond

Jordan pond is the most peaceful place by far! After over seven hours on the road, we made it to this spot. Getting out of the car was like stepping onto a different planet, totally away from the rush of everyday life. They sky was grey and the sun was setting in the distance, the water lapping up against the rocks.

There were many great paths to walk, taking you through the woods and down to the water. This is the perfect spot to go for an evening picnic and a great place to take photos.

Here is our Jordan Pond yoga video:

THREE: Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain was a big deal to see. We knew that the sunrise was supposed to be spectacular and we really wanted to make it to the top to catch it. We got up at 5am and left our campsite early. But on an adventure, you never know what’s going to happen. We ended up with tire problems, having to stop at the local gas station.

After that slight setback, we hit the road again, making it to the top by 7am. At this point, the sun was already in the sky but the view was breathtaking. We hiked around the top of the mountain, checking out the magnificent scenery from different spots. This is by far the best Maine view. It feels like you are literally looking out at the whole state of Maine. We could have stayed for hours if it weren’t for the freezing morning weather.

Here is our Cadillac Mountain yoga video:

FOUR: Thunder Hole

Thunder hole. After spending the morning in the town, we headed off to see Thunder Hole. As we walked out onto the jagged rocks, we were amazed by what we saw – bright blue water, stretching as far as the eye could see. Tall pine trees lined the rocks, stretching up to the sky and making the perfect shade to sit in. As we sat, gazing out at the scenery, the waves crashed dramatically against the rocks, giving thunder hole its name.

Now that it was noon, the weather was warm enough to take off our sweaters. Lots of people had flocked to this spot, making it quite crowded. But everyone was respecting social distancing and wearing their masks which was great.

Here is our Thunder Hole Yoga video:

FIVE: The Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach was pristine, with golden sand and surprisingly big waves crashing into the shore. The water sparkled with the reflection of the sun. We arrived here early in the morning before anyone was at the park, ready to film some yoga videos before we had to leave that afternoon. But after stepping out of the car, feeling the cold and seeing the deserted beach had us deciding to come back in a few hours.

Upon return from breakfast, to our surprise, the parking lot was full and the beach packed. We headed down to walk around the beach but couldn’t find a spot to film due the number of people. However, we still got to enjoy the scenery and it was worth the stop.

The Bar Harbor KOA.

KOA. This was beyond the perfect place to stay with camping sites right on the water and a short drive to both Acadia park and Bar Harbor. We didn’t have a place to stay at first but found a last minute reservation here. It was perfect as you could walk down to the water where they had chairs to sit in and look out at the view.

Because of covid, we ended up with a very big site, with two picnic table and two places to charge our electronics which was nice because we had a lot of equipment that need charging. Everyone here was very friendly and we would definitely come back.

Places to Eat:

Sweet Pea Farm to Table.

Sweet Pea, farm to table restaurant. As we said before, we had some trouble in Bar Harbor finding healthy gluten free food options. After a day of visiting places in the park, we were ready to have a nice meal but, after endless searching online with no results, we headed back to the campsite. Lucky enough for us, we stumbled upon Sweet Pea, a farm to table restaurant.

With delicious, gluten free food options and vegetables fresh from their garden, this was the perfect place to eat. They had an outside dining area next to the garden that had an elegant feel, with wooden tables and strings of lights strung up.

A&B Naturals Food Market

This health food market had lots of packaged gluten free food options as well as a wide variety of frozen foods, which we would have loved to use if it weren’t for lack of a microwave in our tent. They also had premade soup and delicious organic smoothies.

P.S. They also have great snacks, chocolate and other fun healthy treats.

Great Maine Breakfast

On our way out, we were looking for one last restaurant to grab a bite of breakfast for on the road. After a little searching and calling around, we found the Great Maine Breakfast restaurant. We had a plate of eggs, potatoes and cheese with a side of gluten free English muffin.

It was a warm and filling meal that carried us all the way back home. I definitely recommend this place for breakfast.

Things to bring:

This is a great weekend getaway camping tent. It held up in the wind while camping near the shore and was perfectly portable, fitting easily into the back of our car.

It was easy to put up in the dark of night and easy to take down in the dark early morning hours. Find it here.

Thank you so much. To check out our “8 Family Travel Tips and Hacks for Covid 19,” click here.

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