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Redefine your success.
Experience joy.
Attain freedom and fulfillment.

Wellness Wanderers is a mom & daughter led conscious luxury lifestyle brand that creates yoga & meditation on-line CLASSES and immersive in-person RETREAT experiences.  

Our  mission is to  empower women to feel strong and confident through  harmony within and with the world around them. 

Gathering together from all corners of the globe to uplift each other in mind-body connection and global giving as the way to complete well-being!

Are you ready for a
whole new lifestyle?


Connect. Elevate. Thrive.

This is your year to rediscover that inner light and reignite your passion for life and work.

Come away from our retreats with a new sense of wonder and joy, more energized and empowered than ever, knowing you can do anything in life and in the world.

Wellness Retreats
Across the Globe

Luxuriate in the deep rest and nourishment of a blissful oasis retreat; your self-care needs and desires lie at the heart of dreams manifested and a joyful life. Protect it like the treasure it is. Embark on a one-of-a-kind experience and get carried away by the magnificent beauty and wonder of an unforgettable world. We’re with you on the journey to complete well-being, helping you keep your promise to yourself to thrive through living a heart-centered life. 

Global Contribution

Wellness Wanderers is committed to creating conscious collaborations between organizations in local communities for the purpose of compassionate action in the world.

We believe that the aim of complete wellbeing is to
better our practices and our planet every day.